Linda's packaging demands attention, and her brand strategy is one-of-a-kind. Since launching Rocket Fresh, our sought-after brand has partnered with major distributors. Our product is leaping off the shelves!

Armen Thomas, Owner, Rocket Fresh Foods, Los Angeles, CA 


Linda provides a full-service design that puts a fresh face on strategic branding. In a career spanning more than a decade, she stretched her graphic design skills across the globe receiving several published accolades: American Design, Mobius, Graphic Design USA, Summit, and Georgie Awards. Linda is passionate about creating relevant and engaging brands that communicate and inspire. Building a partnership with you is paramount to Linda as is her dedication to interpreting your vision, bringing it to life.  




Focusing on brand development, print, packaging, and digital design, Linda has worked on a broad spectrum of projects from the beauty industry, to health and wellness, retail, automotive, entertainment, food and beverage, luxury brands, finance, technology, real estate development, realtor branding, tourism and non-profit. 


An artist, writer, and author, Linda continues to share her other passions and captivating works of heart in the place she calls home – Los Angeles, California, her canvas of creativity and inspiration.