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How about a little FREEMIUM?

2017 seems to be the year the world is returning to it's grassroots, and when it comes to this year's trending colors, we are returning to organic roots and simplicity. Pantone has chosen Green as the color for 2017, this color being a reflection of our current global culture. What does the color Green represent? To me, Green breathes freshness, it speaks of harmony in nature, peace, hope, and the birth of something new – don't you just love the birth of something new? Color hues like Khaki and Olive Green, dark Reds, Maroons, Hazelnut, and Charcoal Grey are also culminating together to create that feeling of the richness of earth, yet with pops of colors like bright Blue and Yellow – the sea and sky touching the earth perhaps? Getting back to nature and mindful living, I like that! What do you feel your colors say about your brand and brand recognition? Do you think color trends matter? I would love to hear your thoughts as we journey through this new year of creativity and inspiration!

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