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Rocket Fresh Branding

Armen is a London trained Cordon Bleu chef whose dream was to launch handcrafted healthy gourmet meals in Los Angeles. He came to me for his logo design, branding, overall art direction and copywriting.

As Armen is a Cordon Bleu chef and people person, I wanted to bring that energy to his brand. I wanted his brand to stand out from his competitors and what better way to stand out and also gain the trust and confidence of your customers than by stamping your product with your image. My client was a little ambivalent at first to have his face out there for the world to see, but I instinctively knew this was the edge he needed. After a successful photo shoot with talented photographer Denise George, (,, Armen felt confident with the direction I proposed. I created a bold, modern, and fresh look for Rocket Fresh, a brand with an eye-catching personality.

It was great working with Armen and guiding him towards a memorable brand. To now see his success and the buzz this has all generated, it makes me not only proud of my contribution, but of Armen's incredible talent, and dedication. Respect for his courage and this exciting journey. Bravo!

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