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Good Design is Good Business.

What it takes to design a logo.

When a potential client asks for a quote on creating a logo, they are surprised at what it costs. Good design does not happen overnight, it takes much thought, exploration, and time. Good VS bad design comes down to talent, experience, and a genuine dedication to excellence. As the old saying goes, you get what and who you pay for.

In the concept stages alone, we as designers go through many variations of possible outcomes. We research your market and competition. We work at developing every possible working angle with shapes, fonts, hand-lettering, illustration and the psychology of color. We fully explore every avenue until we feel we have delivered a strong and original logo for your brand. The feeling, mood, and image that your brand creates matters.

This video is a good example of the steps we go through when designing a logo. Leading up to this point have been hours upon hours of development from a variety of various initial concepts to perfecting the selected winner and developing that from a sketch to final vector art.

I always say Good, Fast, Cheap. Pick two.

FAST + GOOD = Won't be CHEAP – this is where talent and experience matters.

GOOD + CHEAP = Won't be FAST – Good things are worth waiting for if you’re on a tight budget and want a great design.

CHEAP + FAST = Won't be GOOD – You get what you pay for and who wants low quality?

Good design can help make a brand or product reach its full potential.

Video by Mila at Beard Dude.

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